Makaranga Ix

I dedicate this side to my dream!

The Rainbowbridge :

Dogs which  a human life change, should always have her place in our hearts. As well as with me Makaranga Ix, as my first family bitch and Nallik Sifuba my Orginalimport dog from South Africa.

Nallik Sifuba

You have gone too soon! Without you Makaranga Ix there would not be the Kennel of Mombasa.

I thank you - I will never forget you!

Elsa von Onde Caremba

Elsa von Onde Caremba

too early you have gone, a lot I have to owe to you. A tragic accident took you too early from us.



absolutely unexpectedly has walked our Indra on the 23.02.2007 about the Rainbowbridge. Indra was quite a special bitch who showered me daily with her love and affection. Indra I will never forget you, Indra lives on in her children.


Duni Etana de Kiungwana

too early you have gone.

Gazim of Mombasa

Gazim of Mombasa

in 05. Sep 07 you followed your long-standing Mrs. Indra across the Rainbowbridge.


Gabani of Mombasa

Gabani I will never forget you, Gabani lives on in her children.